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Patent Attorney joins our Stockholm office on February 29


I am pleased to announce that Victor Olsson Fekadu has decided to sign Ström & Gulliksson. 

Victor will be an important player for Ström & Gulliksson now that the patent firm grows further. Victor is from Skåne in southern Sweden and has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Lund University, Faculty of Engineering. He comes from a position as a patent attorney at Scania CV in Södertälje. At Scania, Victor worked with patent issues in the chassis and axis development among other things. He has handled all from evaluations and assessments of new inventions and patent prosecution. In addition, Victor has experience from patent strategic issues. 

Victor's expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and specialization within commercial vehicles will strengthen the our offer even further. We will broaden our range of offers to clients in Stockholm and, at the same time, Victor will complement our team of patent attorneys in Malmö and Lund very well. 

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Victor and I look forward to a prosperous 2016 together.

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Stellan Petri

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Stellan Petri

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