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We belong to an innovative part of Europe.

Although Sweden is a small country, it has long been a nation leading the way in innovations. Many global companies have been founded in Sweden building on revolutionary innovations, and the innovative climate in Sweden is still second to none. According to the EU Commission’s Innovation Union Scoreboard 2013 survey, Sweden is in a class of its own in the EU in ”innovation performance”. Working in this environment has honed Ström & Gulliksson’s skills in delivering patent-related services of the highest quality.

Our clients want long term relationships.

Ström & Gulliksson has offices in Malmö, Lund, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Most recently our Lund office opened in the expanding Ideon Science Park. From these offices, we are involved in the global market for IP services. The work involves frequent contacts with non-European clients in the Americas, Asia and Australia. This is a highly-competitive area, and Ström & Gulliksson handpicks expert patent attorneys, assistants, and administrators with a high level of knowledge and skill. In partnership with our clients, we develop long-term relationships, which facilitate strategic decisions and enable us to act quickly in patent matters.

Our offices

Gullikson law firm – our close associates.

The Advokatbyrån Gulliksson law firm is a successful specialist in commercial law. It offers advice and services in intellectual property rights, corporate law, M&A’s, and disputes. Ström & Gulliksson’s clients benefit tremendously from this close partnership, which provides easy access to the advice and services of legal experts. During legal proceedings, the patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law work together as a close-knit team. The Advokatbyrån Gulliksson law firm helps our clients in areas such as negotiations, contracts, processes, EU law, licensing agreements, trademarks, and design.

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A business idea proved strong since 1975.

When Ström & Gulliksson was established in 1975, our business concept was to combine patent services and legal services. By 1998, we had matured into a combined, international-style IP law firm. When we joined an international group of companies in 2001, it became necessary to transfer the attorney operation to a separate company, the Advokatbyrån Gulliksson law firm. The patent firm continued to operate under the original name of Ström & Gulliksson.

Since the management buy-out in 2011, all shares in Ström & Gulliksson are owned by a group of partners led by Björn Andersson, Leif Jörgensson, Jan Nilsson, and Rikard Roos. Throughout these changes, the two companies, Ström & Gulliksson and Advokatbyrån Gulliksson, have continued to work closely together. To this day, they still share office space to make it easier to offer a full range of services in intellectual property rights.

Find your patent attorney now!

Ström & Gulliksson has every type of patent attorney and assistant you may need. Refine your search by using the filter and then visit the attorney’s own page to find out more about his or her background and expertise, and to contact the attorney directly.

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