Details win cases

I love my work. We are all different, but to navigate in the interface of legal frameworks and scientific facts and theories is a perfect match with my mindset. Details win cases; in prosecution as well as opposition, appeal and court proceedings. With that said – do not be too judging. I actually think that this profile is compatible with at least some social competence, which I think that I possess.

At heart lies the commercial value 

The business case is the key issue when giving advice in IP strategy. It is impossible to give good advice without understanding how the client makes or intends to make his/her earnings, how the competitors acts and what their technology aims at. Only after understanding the business case is it possible to advice what to protect, to maximize “value for money”, and create IP rights which carry a real commercial value, levering the money spent.

A winner's mindset

My history as a sport competitive has developed a special interest in winning. I have the urge and endurance to turn on every rock to find a winning strategy.

My previous assignments

I am experienced in contentious matters, such as infringement and nullity actions, opposition and appeal proceedings, as well as arbitration. Additionally, I work with drafting and prosecution, freedom-to-operate analysis, filing strategy, etc. It is my firm belief that you need to keep one foot in prosecution work to excel in contentious matters. My work is applied to the following technical fields:

  • Medical Devices
  • Nano technology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Thermo Dynamics
  • Turbine technology
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Home Appliances

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