Useful patents

Patents, and even patent applications, can be useful in many different ways. When drafting a patent application it is important to understand how it can produce the best use for the client. I like prosecuting an application and working with the patent office towards a patent that is useful to the client, and to work together with the client towards a useful granted patent so that the patent gives good coverage for the client’s products or gives the client other good value.

I started my career as a patent engineer at a startup company in the consumer electronics area. The position gave me great insights in the exciting work of inventive ideas and the challenges of taking them to inventions ready to be implemented in products. The associated patent work is very interesting, especially as it has the potential of increasing the value of the company and can enable profits on future products or patent licensing. The products often changes from the time of filing a patent application till the time when the patent grants. This makes it important to re-evaluate the patent scope and try to modify the claims towards something that is relevant for the new product, or gives the company value in other ways.

Working in the industry has given me the ability to understand the challenges of developing new products and an understanding of what a client may expect from the patent attorney.

I like working together with the client to find the best use of a patent application. My aim is to produce a patent that gives the client the best value. In the work leading to the granted patent it is often interesting to discuss with colleagues to learn different views on various problems that may arise.

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