Dedication is everything

I take pride in commitment. Acting as your IP advisor, prosecutor or litigator, to me commitment means first-class professionality and quality, while always being there for you and your business, in good times and in bad. It means paying close attention to the real objectives to be achieved with your IP activities. After all, every IP assignment has its purpose, and only by making sure that your business gets what it wants and needs, can I earn you satisfaction in the long run. Dedication is simply my way of returning the trust shown by my clients when appointing me as their patent attorney.

Balancing the dualities of IP

Intellectual Property is a field of complexities. Technical issues are to be matched with legal matters. Business ambitions have to co-exist with financial restrictions. Innovation and patents give great opportunities but may certainly have their share of risks and headaches. My approach as your patent attorney is a holistic one. Only by considering all aspects related to an IP situation can the most valuable advice or best possible action be developed. My years in the profession have taught me that for each problem there is a solution and behind every risk an opportunity waits. At the very least, this should be the starting point for any IP discussion.

My previous assignments 

I focus primarily on opinion work, oppositions, litigation, licensing & tech transfer, and strategic IP advice. Another focus area for me is IP commercialization. In addition, I make sure to do a lot of prosecution as well, in order to keep fully aligned with case law and developments in the IP creation area. I practice in all technical fields, but for prosecution I predominantly do:

  • Mobile devices & user interfaces
  • Wireless & cellular communication
  • Computer technology & software
  • Semiconductor devices & digital circuit design
  • Business methods
  • Information processing (e.g. encoding, compression, cryptography and signal processing)
  • Analog and digital electronics
  • General mechanics

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