I care about my clients

I really care about my clients! In brief, it’s my duty to turn the their patents into real business value. Therefore, I always care about really understanding their business. I take pride in drafting and prosecuting patent applications always bearing in mind the business rationale for the case in question. For me, caring about my clients also means that I’m prepared to walk that extra mile to achieve the goals of my clients. I don’t give up under adverse situations, but I tirelessly try to pursue the best possible solutions for my clients.

Teamwork is key to success in patent law

Patent law is a field that requires a combination of skills in technology, law and business. I simply love working in an environment where lawyers, patent attorneys and business people share ideas, knowledge and experience in this field. Working with people having multidisciplinary skills is not only fun, but also means that all team members develop their skills both personally and professionally. I also enjoy working with clients that appreciate the hard work and all efforts me and my colleagues at Ström & Gulliksson put into our clients’ patent cases.

Loving creativity and tactics

From my experience from patent contentious matters, I have learned to enjoy the tactical play between the parties in such cases. The tactical play not only involves legal, technical, and commercial aspects but also challenges me as a patent attorney to come up with creative and new ideas on how to win the case. There is always a way forward and I have the dedication and persistence to find this way for my clients. 

My previous assignments

I focus primarily on opinion work, strategic intellectual property counseling and contentious matters. I make sure to do a lot of patent drafting and patent prosecution as well, in order to keep fully aligned with case law and developments in these areas. It is my firm belief that a patent attorney needs to keep one foot in drafting/prosecution work to excel in contentious matters, and vice versa. My knowledge and experience are e.g. applied to the following technical fields:

  • Computer-implemented inventions
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronics (e.g., consumer electronics)
  • User Interfaces (incl. display technology)
  • Information processing
  • Communication technologies such as telecommunications (e.g., GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, LTE, and beyond)
  • Financial trading systems and solutions
  • Media streaming technologies
  • Digitally distributed gaming systems
  • Control and monitoring systems (e.g., security, farming)
  • General mechanics (e.g., grinding machines)


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