Patents worth paying for

A patent represents ownership of an invention that may give market value for a company. I believe that a well-considered patent strategy leads to patent protection of commercially important inventions to increase the market share, sales and price. Moreover, patents also increase the opportunity to obtain venture capital and potential future business partners.

Collaboration is crucial

Patents should be drafted to be worth paying for in the marketplace. Collaboration between the attorney and the inventors is crucial, especially to draft a good patent application. The patent attorney having the legal knowledge of what it requires to be a patentable invention and the inventors with the technical knowledge of their invention should be actively involved in drafting the document that will define enforceable patent rights for up to 20 years.

Emphasizing client counseling

In addition to my experience in drafting and prosecution of patent applications covering a wide range of technologies and industrial sectors, my practice emphasizes client counseling including conducting patent clearance searches, preparing validity opinions, infringement and freedom-to-operate opinions, and patent due diligence.

Previous assignments

I mainly work with client counseling to create profits from new and potentially commercial developments supported by patents on inventions in a wide range of technologies and business sectors.

  • Represented a Swedish growing company by strategic patenting of a computer implemented invention covering both software and hardware.
  • Conducted a patent clearance search and evaluated the freedom-to-operate (FTO) situation. The search and FTO formed basis of a patent due diligence resulting in a considerable venture capital investment, and a subsequent successful merge transaction.
  • Represented a Swedish medium sized company by creating a patent portfolio supporting their business. Successful patent license negotiation resulted in a transfer of the foreign part of the patent portfolio, while my client was still able to run and develop their business on the home market.

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