A case of brutal honesty

I take pride in maintaining an open and frank discussion with my clients and always try to stay true to my word. Scrutinizing a case with brutal honesty is imperative in enabling my clients to focus their investments in projects that are likely to give a positive return. Intellectual property rights are foremost an investment needed to safeguard ones interest and as all investments they should give a return of some value or they are not worth making. And, one can be sure that other actors will definitely look at your investments just as brutally.

Thy will be done

I am highly flexible when it comes to client preferences regarding drafting styles, deliveries and timing issues. I also try and provide a customized service and try to view my work as it is the client’s investment that I am invited to participate in - not that the client is stepping in to my office and my procedures.

Pushing boundaries

I endeavor to push the boundaries of what is patentable as has been done during the last decades regarding the patentability of software products and believe that the same progress can be made in other areas traditionally seen as unpatentable focusing on the gaming industry and the media industry.

My previous assignments

I work mostly with drafting and prosecution, including pre-and-post drafting work such as prior art searches, freedom-to-operate analysis, oppositions, filing strategy and oral proceedings before the EPO where I have argued successfully on a number of cases.

I have also been involved in litigation work in Sweden and internationally.

Furthermore I have conducted numerous training seminars as well as invention harvesting workshops for various clients and former employers.

I work mainly in the following technical fields:

  • Telecommunications
  • Computer software
  • User Interfaces
  • Robotics
  • Simulations
  • Business models
  • Other general engineering such as heat exchangers, mechanics and medical devices.

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