An open mind adds value

Communication and creating sustainable relationships play a great part in my philosophy on how I wish to work with both clients and suppliers. From my years within this and other businesses I have experienced that an open communication creates added value to everyone in the chain making everyday work more efficient and exciting.

Efficiency lies in the details

I appreciate the opportunities when I together with a client is able to sit down and discuss a new invention, from the background of the invention to the actual technique and/or method. It gives us a great opportunity to bounce ideas and to ask even the smallest questions leading to an efficient working process.

Consumer products

I have always cared for the products close to the ultimate consumer, i.e. the products that every person know about which has lead me to really enjoy performing searches and write applications on these types of products.

Previous assignments

I often work with different types of searches, such as novelty searches or freedom-to-operate, and drafting within the field of mechanics.

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