Patents mean business

Happen to have a competitor restricting your business in Europe by an annoying patent? Get me on board and I’ll have the patent revoked. Happen to sit on a key patent safeguarding your business in Europe but being under attack by a competitor? Trust me, I’ll defend your patent.

Expert opinions

I like meeting with decision makers of our client companies, in particular when I deliver an opinion which serves as basis for important client decisions. Then I feel that my work makes a difference to my client. Legal advice really matters.

Cases where clever technology and smart patents are combined with challenging legal issues have always attracted me. Oftentimes, such cases involve big money which means that the legal advice I provide to clients really matters. It gives me a professional kick. 

Previous assignments

  • Represented a Swedish/British client wishing to get into the entire European market with products which turned out to be well patented by a U.S. company. Opposed all patents and managed to have most of them revoked or limited. The parties settled and my client got a favorable deal. 
  • Represented a Swedish/Swiss client who wanted to expand his market stepwise in Europe and in the United States. Early and strategic patenting led to treble sales over a three-year period.

Find your patent attorney now!

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