My challenge is to defend your patent

I have experience in prosecuting patent applications. This comprises drafting applications and prosecuting them before different patent offices. It also comprises pre-filing searches and handling oppositions, representing either the patent proprietor or the opponent.

General and specific knowledge

I appreciate to work with people from different areas as it gives both general knowledge and very specific knowledge. It is a nice challenge to discuss arguments and features to defend a patent application in co-operation with an applicant.

Finding the right claims

I find it interesting to interact with inventors in order to be able to write a patent application with appropriately formulated patent claims. It is also interesting to find ways to overcome tough prior art.

My previous assignments

I work mainly in the mechanical field, and have for instance been involved in:

  • Brakes for heavy vehicles
  • Different types of sealings
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Furnitures
  • Buildings
  • Sizing of rock

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