Understanding the invention

In the European patent system, technical problems and effects are corner stones in defining inventions. A deep understanding, not only of European practice and case law, but also of the technology of concern, especially in the field of chemistry, is therefore of outermost importance for successful prosecution and litigation in Europe. I often find that true understanding of the invention and relevant art, implies that relevant case law may be applied in favor of the client, and that pitfalls may be avoided. Due to my high technical competence and interest in evolving case law I'm confident that I have what it takes to make a difference.

Working closely

While a large part of my work is writing, one of the most interesting and stimulating part of the work is to define what actually has been invented in collaboration with the inventors. Personally, I find it stimulating to work with midsize R&D-companies, where you can work closely with the R&D-team, as well as the management team. Furthermore, one in this type of cooperation often obtain deep insight into the business and you find yourself taking part in developing and bringing new products to the market.

Development and protection

  • Improvement of the properties of polymeric materials.
  • Development and protection of pharmaceuticals for treatment of rare diseases for which no good treatment is at hand.
  • Evolvement of case law and its impact on daily work

Previous assignments

Improved polymers, packing materials – drafting and prosecution of patent applications; developing protection strategies

Sanitary articles – opposition and appeal proceedings

Chemical processes - drafting and prosecution of patent applications; opposition proceedings

Pharmaceuticals - drafting and prosecution of patent applications; opinion work regarding Swedish case law; litigation

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