Georg Wolgast



Patent consultant




M. Sc. in Eng Nano and Phys, The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, Sweden



The best results demand commitment

To see the small, important details. To find exactly what is crucial. To discover the unusual in the usual. Every step of a patent process demands a dedicated procedure – and focus on the big picture. Only then will the best results be achieved.

With a double M Sc in both engineering nanoscience and engineering physics I have a wide set of skills with a great capacity to see the unique features of different engineering accomplishments. For me personally every individual patent application is an opportunity to develop and gain new knowledge, while at the same time I can use all of my knowledge and experience to get the best results as possible. As a patent attorney I get the opportunity to read about innovative solutions and to twist and turn problems while I also focus completely on understanding why an invention is developed in a certain way.

I am drawn to the creative work that patent law requires, not least as regards to clarity and the ability to communicate. Besides complete appreciation of the invention in relation to prior art, there’s a challenge to question habitual reasoning to discover the perfect formulation of a sentence. Only then will a patent be as strong as it should be to win a future patent litigation case.

I enjoy working in close collaboration with our clients with a focus on a high level of service. For me it’s important to consider the big picture and I look at every assignment as part of an overarching patent strategy. I’m happy to be a part of early development and give strategic advice from the point of view of an IP-specialist as well as spitball ideas in the event of an unexpected obstacle.