Ida Moen Larsson



Patent Consultant


Life Science
Med Tech


M. Sc. in Nano Engineering, Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden
Bachelor in Business Administration, Lund University School of Economics and Management, Sweden



To Make a Difference

In a competitive world, the combination of innovation and business is of great importance to become successful. It takes determination and sharp intellect to make the right decisions, at the right time, especially when working with patent rights and patent law.

The planning of patent strategy, studying technique in multidisciplinary fields, acknowledging details and deadlines, as well as maintaining a good relationship with my clients are included in my professional role. What makes these parameters to join and form a well functioning machinery, is competence combined with communication and cooperation.

I am a person with interdisciplinary interests and educations which is reflected in my way of working. Being an engineer, but also to have a degree in business administration, gives me additional perspectives when faced with new challenges. I analyse problems presented to me from several points of view. I respond to challenges as opportunities and aim for nothing but the best result.

To work with patent rights is very stimulating. To face a variety of ideas, clients and new inventions on a regular basis is a true privilege. As a patent agent, you assist your client throughout the whole process concerning the patent’s life. From it’s draft to possible patent disputes, such as patent infringement. Due to this, I consider a sustainable and trustworthy relationship with you as a client to be vital. To meet deadlines and to always have an eye for details is of great importance to me.

My driving force is to help clients increase the value of their portfolio through intellectual property and to bring innovation forward aiding the development of science. In the end, it is all about making a difference.