Client case study Invico Metanol AB: A strong patent led to the realization of a large-scale environmental improvement

7 February, 2018

Combining business acumen with environmental focus while seeing the bigger picture, Anders Eliasson, former head of development at Invico Metanol AB, has always based his view of innovation on commercial value linked to environmental improvements. Additionally, his strong commitment to protecting the environment has always been an important driving force. “I have always prioritized contributing… Read more »

How to file patent applications in different jurisdictions

18 January, 2018

There is no shortage of pitfalls in patent law. The consequences of mistakes can often be very serious. In the worst case, granted patent rights can be revoked in a dispute as a result of poor ground work – especially when you file your first patent application in a jurisdiction where you shouldn’t. “It’s critical… Read more »

We wish you a happy, non-stressful holiday season!

19 December, 2017

This year we donate a contribution to The Swedish Brain Foundation, Hjärnfonden, to support vital research on brain capacity, its diseases, injuries and disabilities, but also to increase knowledge about the development and potential of a healthy brain. Best wishes from all of us at Ström & Gulliksson!

Case report: Preparation for patent infringement

12 October, 2017

Can non-response to several warning letters indicate intent to prepare patent infringement or can such non-response lead to consequences with regards to litigation costs? No, held the Swedish Patent- and market Court in a fresh clarifying decision. Gulliksson and its attorneys Magnus Dahlman and Mattias Malmstedt, assisted by Rikard Roos from Ström & Gulliksson, has recently … Read more »

Thylabisco client case study: Scrutiny and clarity make for excellent patents

2 October, 2017

Research and passion for discovery. Formalities, a critical approach and patent applications. Although allowing someone to scrutinize, inspect and evaluate your research results at an early stage may give you pause, this is a must for ensuring a successful patent process. “We have benefited substantially from the strategic advice and critical review of our results… Read more »

New Patent Consultants at Ström & Gulliksson

27 September, 2017

Thinking outside the box. Associating with innovation-driven companies. Using both engineering and language skills. And above all, working side by side with experienced European Patent Attorneys. Challenging opportunities, variation and a clear path to becoming a top patent consultant attracted newly hired engineers Christian Gribel, Ida Moen Larsson and Georg Wolgast to Ström & Gulliksson.… Read more »

Our unique partnership adds value and gives clients an edge in disputes

15 September, 2017

A strong team and two synchronized firms give clients numerous advantages in patent disputes. The partnership between Advokatbyrån Gulliksson and patent firm Ström & Gulliksson is a win-win for companies that choose to hire both. Lawyer Magnus Dahlman and European Patent Attorney Rikard Roos, who often team up in technically complex disputes, lay out the advantages… Read more »