Ström & Gulliksson receives top ranking in the latest edition of IAM Patent 1000

12 June, 2019

Building on the success of previous editions and with more firms having participated in the research than ever before the 2019 edition of IAM Patent 1000 has been published and Ström & Gulliksson has, once again, received top ranking.

“We are both pleased and proud to have received this excellent client and market feedback. Especially since it includes domestic as well as international sources,” says Rikard Roos, Managing Partner and European Patent Attorney and declares further:
“Handling intellectual property rights is our business and our passion! We have accumulated vast experience and substantial knowledge of Swedish, European and international patent law since our founding and our clients know that our carefully selected teams will provide strong professional expertise.”

From the 2019 edition of IAM Patent 1000:
Domestic and international sources enthusiastically endorse Ström & Gulliksson:
“its attorneys have a wonderful understanding of the law and the practicalities of business. Responsive, thorough and extremely efficient, they get things done right the first time. Beyond simply excelling on prosecution, they are great at giving high-level clearance opinions and evaluating the risks associated with bringing new products to the market.”
Moreover, “they provide a top-class service with respect to litigation” and “put in stellar performances” working alongside their close associates at Advokatbyrån Gulliksson. Rikard Roos, Björn Andersson and Christian Arkelius form a constellation of stars. Learned in physics as well as the chemical and mechanical arts, Roos demonstrates exceptionally broad technical fluency. “He is highly skilled as a technical and strategic adviser and he’s in tune with business in a way that is uncommon among engineers.” “Björn is a fighter with a lot of litigation experience and incredibly deep knowledge in his focused field of electronics.” “Christian is one of the most outstanding patent attorneys in Europe. He has an incredible eye for detail and comes up with brilliant ideas for getting you to where you want to be. He has excellent people skills and is the ideal team leader.”

Ström & Gulliksson
Ström & Gulliksson has every type of patent attorney and assistant you may need. You will find them here where you can refine your search by using the filter and then visit the attorney’s own page to find out more about his or her background and expertise, and to contact the attorney directly.
Ström & Gulliksson is owned by seven partners who also serve as the firm’s management team: Rikard Roos, Björn Andersson, Leif Jörgensson, Jan Nilsson, Erik Bolmsjö, Christian Arkelius and Magnus Berglund.
Ström & Gulliksson is seen as one of the leading patent firms by various independent ranking institutes. Learn more here by reading what some of the largest international institutes write about us.

About IAM Patent 1000
The IAM Patent 1000 is created by IAM, a business intelligence platform designed to address the real need of IP-owning companies to maximise the value of their intangible assets. It has firmly established itself as a primary IP insight and analysis provider that many corporates refer to regularly. IAM Patent 1000: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2019 is a unique guide that identifies the top patent professionals in key jurisdictions around the globe. The extensive research process for the guide is conducted over several months by a team of full-time analysts.